_^^_ Mountain Tops _^^_
              –Fashions For Your Dreams–

Located in a beautiful alpine setting, Mountain Tops Village is home to our flagship store, MOUNTAIN TOPS, which features a full line of “Fashions For Your Dreams.” Stop by and check out the latest creations of Laya and Chally.

Our creations feature Omega Appliers for many mesh bodies and body parts including FUSION, Lolas, Wowmeh, Belleza, Maitreya, Lena and many others PLUS regular avatar clothing parts using the Unified Applier that works form most Classic Breast Types such as vString, ecorp, Tangos, iboobs, Mused, Foxbean, and Verge. We also offer ADV FUSION appliers designed specifically for Violet Studio’s FUSION mesh bodies.

Mountain Tops also features our unique clothing line, Layatex, the next level of LATEX designed especially for the BUSTY. figure. Check it out and see how great you will look!

Aside from our Main Store, Mountain Tops Village proudly hosts shops for BUSTY and busty friendly designers giving you a variety to chose from. These include:

Aris Aris
Bad Kitty
Bondage Witch Project
Cherry Bomb
Dexterian Galicia Creations
Eclectic Randomness
Gatherings Designs
[Inflatabun Industries]
Miss Titts
RI Clothing
Spanked Skins
The Verge
Vixen Wear
VOOH Designs

The Village is more than just shopping. Brightflame Castle towers above the landscape. The Biergarten is a place where you and your friends can gather to enjoy our special brand of bier, play classic and breast enhanced games, or just relax and enjoy the mountain air. The Rathaus contains the offices of the Village’s Bürgermeisterer and Constable plus the Village Library. There is much to see, explore, and enjoy in the Village.

**Brightflame Hollow**

Brightflame Hollow is a BUSTY FRIENDLY Dance and Music CLUB located a short walk up the mountain from Mountain Tops Village and The Enchanted Forest. It is the home of great music and sexy busty dancers – a place to have fun and unwind. We have a fantastic lineup of DJs who spin a wide variety of music plus your favorite tunes. Join your friends for a great time! ALL are welcome.

~~Weekly Events

Sunday ~ Sunday Formal Dance Noon – 2 pm SLT and 5 – 7 pm SLT

Wednesday ~ Mid-Week Party – Noon – 2 pm SLT and 5 – 7 pm SLT

Thursday ~ Themed Thursday – Noon – 2 pm SLT and 5 – 7 pm SLT

Saturday ~ Spontaneous Saturday – Noon – 2 pm SLT

**Enchanted Forest**

The Enchanted Forest is mystical, magical place that is designed to be a playground for the BUSTY community. Located across the bridge from Mountain Tops Village, it includes a beautiful, photogenic landscape plus magical secrets for the busty and surprises for the explorer or adventurous.

The Forest unfolds right across the bridge from the Village. The forested pathways wind through scenic vistas. They traverse a quaint farming settlement. They pass a quaint little chapel hidden in the woods. They fork off to a mysterious manor nestled behind the trees. Another fork leads to a shadow filled mine entrance that looks as if it has long since been abandoned. Or has it? After all, there is a warm comfy cabin there where someone who has an interest in the mines seems to live. Further along there is a stone circle that is a sentinel to something older. There are many levels to The Forest and all is not always what it seems. The Forest is best enjoyed with RLV engaged and an appropriate RLV Relay. Busty friendly effects are also present for supported breast models.

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