More Layatex Gets Better ~Mesh And Regular Bodies~Mountain Tops

More of the BEST is getting even BETTER!

Layatex continues to reach new heights with MOUNTAIN TOPS’ release of the Zippered series of Layatex redesigned using Advanced Omega appliers with material effects. These outfits really POP!

The designs utilize Advanced OMEGA Appliers for mesh bodies and body parts while still including regular avatar (system) clothing layers. The Advanced OMEGA Appliers use the latest Materials effects.

These solid color Layatex Jumpsuits come in eight (8) shiny colors.

Zippered Black ad Zippered Blue ad Zippered Green ad Zippered Orange ad Zippered Red ad Zippered Violet ad Zippered White ad Zippered Yellow ad

Priced at only L$175, they a fantastic addition to your wardrobe. Stop by and grab yours today!

While you’re there, check out the other amazing “Fashions For Your Dreams.”


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