Layatex Gets Better ~Mesh And Regular Bodies~Mountain Tops

The BEST just got even BETTER!

Layatex reaches new heights with MOUNTAIN TOPS‘ release of the Layatex Primal and Slither Series redesigned using Advanced Omega appliers with material effects. You’ve got to see them to appreciate it!

These designs utilize Advanced OMEGA Appliers for mesh bodies and body parts while still including regular avatar (system) clothing layers. The Advanced OMEGA Appliers use the latest Materials effects.

The outfits include menu script resizable accessories.

Primal Series

Primal Cheetah ad Primal Giraffe ad Primal Snow Leopard ad Primal Tiger ad Primal Zebra ad

Slither Series

Slither Cobra ad Slither Copperhead ad Slither Mamba ad Slither Python ad Slither Viper ad

Priced at only L$250, they a fantastic addition to your wardrobe. Stop by and grab yours today!

While you’re there, check out the other amazing “Fashions For Your Dreams.”




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