UPDATED Satin and Lace Dress~Mesh and Regular Bodies~Mountain Tops

Classic, Elegant, Sexy!

Now they’re all beautifully combined in MOUNTAIN TOPS‘ fantastic UPDATED release, Satin and Lace Cocktail Dress, in five (5) classy colors ~ Black, Indigo, Pink, Red, and White.

These outfits now have OMEGA Appliers for mesh bodies and body parts PLUS regular avatar clothing parts using the Unified Applier that works with most CLASSIC breast types.

Priced at just L$150 these are too fabulous to miss! They are a MUST HAVE ADDITION to your wardrobe!

S&L Cocktail Label Black 2015 July S&L Cocktail Label Indigo 2015 July S&L Cocktail Label Pink 2015 July S&L Cocktail Label Red 2015 July S&L Cocktail Label White 2015 July

Can’t decide? Get the full pack for only L$500.

S&L Cocktail Label Full Pack 2015 July

As an added BONUS, a classic Navy is available in the full pack or on the Midnight Madness board at the Mountain Tops Main Store!

S&L Cocktail Label Navy 2015 July

Stop by and grab yours today!

While you’re there, check out the other amazing “Fashions For Your Dreams.”





ALREADY OWN one of these great dresses?  If you’d like to update to the new OMEGA Applier, check for a redelivery for in-world purchases. For Marketplace purchases, contact Chalcedony Mao-Brightflame (chalcedonymao) for an updated applier.

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