Catherine Layatex Gown~Mesh and Regular Bodies~Mountain Tops

A GEM returns to MOUNTAIN TOPS with the release of the CATHERINE Layatex Gown.

This elegant Layatex Gown comes in eight gemstone colors.

Each has OMEGA Appliers for mesh bodies and body parts PLUS regular avatar clothing parts using the Unified Applier that works with most CLASSIC breast types.

As a special bonus, each gown comes with matching Layatex Ballet Boots.

Cathrine Chalcedony advert Cathrine Emerald advert Cathrine Lapis Lazuli advert Cathrine Moonstoneadvert Cathrine Morganite advert Cathrine Sanguine advert Cathrine Tourmaline advert Cathrine Zarconia advert

Priced at only L$400, this gown will make a shiny addition to your wardrobe.

Stop by and grab yours NOW! While you’re there, check out the other amazing “Fashions For Your Dreams.”


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