UPDATED Camouflage Pants~Mesh and Regular Bodies~Mountain Tops

More best selling updates! MOUNTAIN TOPS‘ has updated our line of Camouflage Pants.

These outfits now have OMEGA Appliers for mesh bodies and body parts PLUS regular avatar clothing parts using the Unified Applier that works with most CLASSIC breast types.

Desert Camo Pants advert Desert Tan Pants advert Digital Desert Camo Pants advert Digital Green camo Pants advert Digital Night Camo Pants advert Digital Red Camo Pants advert Olive drab pants advert Pink Camo Pants advert Urban Blue Camo Pants advert Urban Grey Camo Pants advert Urban Orange Camo Pants advert Urban Purple Camo Pants advert Urban Yellow Camo Pants advert Woodland Camo Pants advert Tiger Stripe Jungle Camo Pants

Priced at only L$25. get ALL your favorite colors!  Stop by and grab yours NOW! While you’re there, check out the other amazing “Fashions For Your Dreams.”




ALREADY OWN one of these great LAYATEX lines? If you’d like to update to the new OMEGA Applier, contact ‘Hymalaya’ Mao-Brightflame (eriniris oldrich) for an updated applier.

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