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Miss Busty Second Life 20015 ~ Pageant Information

miss busty poster square

Miss Busty SL 2015
Friday, 23 October 2015, 4 pm SLT

  • General Information ~

The Miss Busty SL Pageant was launched in 2013 to generate interest and good will in the entire Busty Community.   The Pageant is open to all Busty Avatar types.  Winners in the 2014 Pageant were:

Miss Busty Second Life 2014 ~ Inamorta Emor
First runner up ~ Ashley (Amosa Sugerplum)
Second runner up ~ Kira Rigged

This year’s pageant will be conducted on Friday, October 23, beginning at 4 pm SLT.

  • Application and Judging Process ~

Applicants will be required to complete the Pageant Application, provide two (2) photographs of themselves that they feel best displays themselves and their chosen look, and answer interview questions that will be considered by the judges in selecting Semi-Finalists.

Judges will select 12 Semi-Finalists from across the spectrum of applicants.  The 12 selected Semi-Finalists will compete in the actual pageant competition PLUS pageant events prior to the actual pageant.  These include Meet and Greet events prior to the pageant, Pageant “School” to provide hints and tips on pageant competition, and MANDATORY pageant rehearsals.

At the pageant itself, all Semi-Finalists will be judged in two categories.  The first will be an Open Style Review.  Each Semi-Finalist will pick her own signature look and will walk the runway for review by the Judges.  They will then change into Swim Wear of their choice and again walk the runway for review.

The judges will pick five Finalists who will be judged in one final category, Evening Wear.  Once that is complete, Judges will select the winners, Miss Busty SL 2015, First Runner-Up, Second Runner-Up.

  • Application

Watch the Pageant blog for application information.

  • Requirements ~

Requirements.   All contestants must be at least 30 days old in SL and above 18 years of age in real life.   No Child Avatars will be permitted to enter the contest.   If selected as a Semi-Finalist the contestant must be available to participate in all designated Pageant and pre-pageant related activities that include Meet and Greet events, Pageant “School,” and MANDATORY pageant rehearsals. Semi-Finalists must also have appropriate outfits for all of the judging categories.   Semi-Finalists must have one available SL group position so they may be added to the Pageant Group.

Participation in a large event, such as the Miss Busty SL Pageant, presents unique demands on the participant’s computer.   While every effort will be made to minimize impact on individual computers, Semi-Finalists must have a computer and associated Internet connection that can withstand the inevitable load that a large event like this will place on any machine.

By submitting their application Applicants certify that they are over 18 years of age in real life and meet all other requirements outlined for the pageant.

Photographs.   Two (2) photographs of the applicant are required. One should be an upper body shot to include breasts (not bare) in that photo, no head only shots.   The other should be a full body shot (also show breasts, not bare).

NO NUDE or sex photos will be considered.  Applicant must be alone in photos.   Photos should not be photo shopped beyond cropping.   Applicants may use any of the environment settings within second life as well as any props and lighting available in-world.   Applicants may crop and zoom for the picture but should refrain from using external photo effects.  Photographs should be free from any superimposed writing, labels, or other graphics.

By submitting their photos applicants agree to allowing their use on pageant blogs and in-world as well as in publications pertaining to or mentioning the pageant.  Applicants can have someone else professionally take the photos or even a friend or partner but this agreement extends to the photographer and it is applicant’s duty to inform them how the photo will be used.  All photos submitted must be in full permission format.

  • Pageant Staff

Producers – Brace Mao-Brightflame, Chalcedony Mao-Brightflame, ‘Hymalaya’ Mao-Brightflame
Director – Playful Howley


Celebrate Release of Foxbean Sanira~SPECIAL EVENT At Brightflame Hollow~July 26th, 2 – 4 pm SLT

Foxbean Laboratories has released new FITTED MESH BREASTS, Sanira. These exciting new breasts are Omega and Lola Tango compatible and come with five specially designed skins.

[Foxbean Fitboobs] Sanira v1.0 - Ad

Help celebrate their release at a SPECIAL EVENT at Brightflame Hollow, Sunday, July 26th, 2 – 4 pm SLT.

DJ CHALCE will be spinning your favorite tunes and our Fantastic Flames will be keeping things warm.

Dress casual and invite your friends to join in with you.

There will be a FREE RAFFLE at the event you can enter to win a pair of of the new Saniras.

Brightflame Hollow is a BUSTY themed CLUB with great MUSIC, hot DANCERS, and tons of FUN. It’s located in a beautiful Alpine setting in Mountain Tops Village above The Enchanted Forest.

Don’t miss a moment of the EXCITEMENT!

ALL are welcome:)


Miss Busty SL 2015 needs YOU!


Preparations have started for this year’s Miss Busty SL pageant and it promises to be a great one.   However, YOUR help is needed to make this a reality again this year.

Got a passion for pageants?  Then Miss Busty SL 2015 has a job for you!

Listed below are some of the positions we need to fill.  Check them out and see if one has YOUR name on it.

We’ll have TWO organizational meetings on Thursday, July 16th, at the Biergarten, at MOUNTAIN TOPS.  First will be  at 11 am SLT, the second at 7:15 pm SLT.

Miss Busty SL Staff –

Publicity Director – Overall responsibility for publicity associated with the pageant and pageant operations; works closely with publications within the Busty Community to assure maximum coverage and exposure for the pageant; develops and executes an advertising campaign for the pageant, including, but not limited to pageant posters and other materials; assures pageant advertising materials are provided to appropriate sources within the the Busty Community to include magazines, designers/mall owners/shop owners, and groups; provides guidance to and supervises the pageant photographer.  Reports directly to the Pageant Director.

Photographer – Responsible for documenting all aspects of the pageant with photographs or other media; responsible for publicity photographs for the pageant, semi-finalists, and winners. Reports directly to the Publicity Director.

Stage Manager – Manager responsible for the smooth operation of behind the scenes operations during pageant events.  Coordinates and provides guidance and supervision to all pageant personnel and participants on pageant flow; responsible for stage and preparation area operations; directs pageant personnel and participants during pageant events for movement to and from preparation area and stage area; maintain the flow of the pageant during pageant activities; assures participants are in the proper outfits for pageant segments and coordinates movement to and from the backstage area; cues pageant participants for backstage placement and movements to and from the stage; coordinates movement from preparation area to stage area and return.  Reports directly to the Pageant Director.

MC – Voice of the Miss Busty SL Pageant during the pageant and preparations; interacts with pageant participants and guests in accordance with the pageant script providing verbal cues and continuity; facilitates smooth pageant operations.  Reports directly to the Pageant Director.

DJ – Provides musical entertainment for pageant guests prior to pageant operations, during pageant intermissions, and immediately after pageant conclusion; interacts with pageant guests during musical interludes. Provides timed appropriate pageant related music during runway walks as outlined in the pageant script. Reports directly to the Pageant Director.

Technical Director – Overall responsibility for the technical aspects of the pageant and pageant preparation.  Advises the Pageant Director and Producers on all the technical elements of the pageant; responsible for scripting associated with pageant operations. Coordinates directly with the Pageant Director and Producers on technical matters related to the pageant.

Interested?  Be present at one of the TWO organizational meeting or send a note card with your name (login and display) and the position you would like to fill to one of the pageant producers:

     Brace Mao-Brightflame (castedone2)

     Chalcedony Mao-Brightflame (chalcedonymao )

     ‘HymaLaya’ Mao-Brightflame (eriniris.oldrich)

For the latest information on the Miss Busty SL 2015 Pageant, follow the blog ~

Details of how to enter the contest will be posted at a later date.

UPDATED Satin and Lace Dress~Mesh and Regular Bodies~Mountain Tops

Classic, Elegant, Sexy!

Now they’re all beautifully combined in MOUNTAIN TOPS‘ fantastic UPDATED release, Satin and Lace Cocktail Dress, in five (5) classy colors ~ Black, Indigo, Pink, Red, and White.

These outfits now have OMEGA Appliers for mesh bodies and body parts PLUS regular avatar clothing parts using the Unified Applier that works with most CLASSIC breast types.

Priced at just L$150 these are too fabulous to miss! They are a MUST HAVE ADDITION to your wardrobe!

S&L Cocktail Label Black 2015 July S&L Cocktail Label Indigo 2015 July S&L Cocktail Label Pink 2015 July S&L Cocktail Label Red 2015 July S&L Cocktail Label White 2015 July

Can’t decide? Get the full pack for only L$500.

S&L Cocktail Label Full Pack 2015 July

As an added BONUS, a classic Navy is available in the full pack or on the Midnight Madness board at the Mountain Tops Main Store!

S&L Cocktail Label Navy 2015 July

Stop by and grab yours today!

While you’re there, check out the other amazing “Fashions For Your Dreams.”


ALREADY OWN one of these great dresses?  If you’d like to update to the new OMEGA Applier, check for a redelivery for in-world purchases. For Marketplace purchases, contact Chalcedony Mao-Brightflame (chalcedonymao) for an updated applier.

Wet Halter Tops~Mesh and Regular Bodies~Mountain Tops

HOT fun in the Summertime! Get COOL with MOUNTAIN TOPS’ new release of Wet Halter Tops..

This sexy design comes in twelve (12) wet colors.

Each has OMEGA Appliers for mesh bodies and body parts PLUS regular avatar clothing parts using the Unified Applier that works with most CLASSIC breast types.

Wet Black halter advert Wet Blue halter advert Wet Green halter advert Wet Holiday halter advert Wet Pink halter advert Wet Purple halter advert Wet Rainbow halter advert Wet Red halter advert Wet Sunset halter advert Wet Sunshine halter advert Wet White halter advert Wet Yellow halter advert

Priced at only L$25, they are a sexy addition to your wardrobe. Pick ALL your favorites.

Make a SPLASH and grab yours today!

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Catherine Layatex Gown~Mesh and Regular Bodies~Mountain Tops

A GEM returns to MOUNTAIN TOPS with the release of the CATHERINE Layatex Gown.

This elegant Layatex Gown comes in eight gemstone colors.

Each has OMEGA Appliers for mesh bodies and body parts PLUS regular avatar clothing parts using the Unified Applier that works with most CLASSIC breast types.

As a special bonus, each gown comes with matching Layatex Ballet Boots.

Cathrine Chalcedony advert Cathrine Emerald advert Cathrine Lapis Lazuli advert Cathrine Moonstoneadvert Cathrine Morganite advert Cathrine Sanguine advert Cathrine Tourmaline advert Cathrine Zarconia advert

Priced at only L$400, this gown will make a shiny addition to your wardrobe.

Stop by and grab yours NOW! While you’re there, check out the other amazing “Fashions For Your Dreams.”


Stripes!~Mesh and Regular Bodies~Mountain Tops


Check them out with MOUNTAIN TOPS’ new release of the STRIPES! Crop Top Sweater.

This sexy design comes in eleven (11) colors.

Each has OMEGA Appliers for mesh bodies and body parts PLUS regular avatar clothing parts using the Unified Applier that works with most CLASSIC breast types.

Striped Caramel advert Striped Fugitive advert Striped Golden Rod advert Striped jack O' advert Striped Nightmare advert Striped Peach advert Striped Peppermint advert Striped Rainbow advert Striped Serious advert Striped Violet advert Striped Winter Green advert

Priced at only L$50, they make a great addition to your wardrobe.  Pick ALL your favorites.

Stop by and grab yours NOW! While you’re there, check out the other amazing “Fashions For Your Dreams.”