Designers, Shop Owners~Be A Part Of The NEW Mountain Tops

Mountain Tops is EXPANDING.

Mountain Tops, Brightflame Hollow, Mountain Tops Village, and The Enchanted Forest will be MOVING to a new, EXPANDED location on Mulholland Highway on January 1. All the things you love about Mountain Tops will be found in the new sim. We’ve just added MORE fun.

If you’re a shop owner or designer and would like to be a part of this exciting expanded BUSTY venue, come check it out. Shops are still available!

Type and rental rates for each of the new shops are listed below. Measurements given are of approximate floor space. Number of shops of any given size is indicated as well (all shops subject to prior rental).

5 prims ~ L$20 (Stall) (3 m X 2.5 m) (3)
10 prims ~ L$40 (Small Shop) (6 m X 5.5 m) (5)
20 prims ~ L$60 (Medium Shop) ( 6 m X 5.5 m) (6)
30 prims ~ L$80 (Large Shop) (10 m x 7 m) (2)
40 prims ~ L$100 (Large Shop Two Level) (9.5 m X 7 m, each floor) (2)

To reserve yours, visit the new Mountain Tops Village and pick your shop.

On the new sim, we’re utilizing the Casper rental system. Pay the rental box in your chosen shop and it becomes yours.

You will need to utilize the Land Group, EXPANSIVE ENTERPRISES, to be able to rez items in your shop there. Contact Brace Mao-Brightflame, Chalcedony Mao-Brightflame, or ‘Hymalaya’ Mao-Brightflame, and we’ll give you the Shop Owner tag for that group. Expansive Enterprises is the staff/shop owner group so should not be utilized for advertising your new location or products. Existing groups remain open to you for those purposes (Mountain Tops group, Boobaholics Anonymous group).

Once you have reserved your spot and paid your initial rental, we’ll add your Shop Logo to the sign already in place. Just send us a full perm copy of your logo.

You may set your landmarks for your specific shop.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Brace Mao-Brightflame
Chalcedony Mao-Brightflame
‘Hymalaya’ Mao-Brightflame

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