LayaTex Stewardess~NOW in FUSION & Regular Bodies~Mountain Tops

Get ready to take off girls!

MOUNTAIN TOPS’ popular LayaTex Stewardess outfit now supports both FUSION and regular avatar bodies and includes appliers for MOST MAJOR BREAST TYPES.

They’re available in ten awesome colors ~ Black, Blue, Cyan, Green, Indigo, Orange, Pink, Read, Violet, and Yellow with both open and closed versions.

Layatex Stewardess Label Blue f

Layatex Stewardess Label Cyan f

Layatex Stewardess Label Green f

Layatex Stewardess Label Indigo f

Layatex Stewardess Label Violet f

Priced at just L$300 each they are too HOT to miss!

Check out these new releases for your new Fusion body or regular avatar at MOUNTAIN TOPS today!

These items can also be found on the MOUNTAIN TOPS STORE on Marketplace.


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