Slinky Glitter Gown~Powered by Fusion~Mountain Tops

High Fashion just got even better with MOUNTAIN TOPS’ release of our sexy Slinky Glitter Gown now Powered by Fusion. It comes in nine (9) stunning colors ~ Black, Blue, Chocolate, Cream, Harvest, Pink, Purple, Red, and Shamrock. Each outfit includes appliers for the new Violet Studios FUSION mesh body system and includes an alternate dress top with gloves Priced at just L$125 these are too GLAMOROUS to miss!

Glitter Slinky dress Blue

Glitter Slinky dress Cream

Check out these new releases for your new Fusion body at MOUNTAIN TOPS today!

The Fusion Mesh System takes innovative design in mesh bodies and merges it with the flexibility of individual parts to create a single unified whole. The result is a beautiful new mesh body that gives you thousands of configuration options, all in an easy to use package…seamlessly.  Check out the new Fusion mesh bodies at on the Violet Studios blog:


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