Outfits Powered by Fusion~Now Available At Mountain Tops

Fusionthe merging of diverse, distinct, or separate elements into a unified whole.

VIOLET STUDIOS has just released a remarkable new mesh body system, the Fusion Mesh Body System, that takes innovative design in mesh bodies and merges it with the flexibility of individual parts to create a single unified whole. The result is a beautiful new mesh body that gives you thousands of configuration options, all in an easy to use package…seamlessly.

Check out the new Fusion mesh bodies at on the Violet Studios blog:


MOUNTAIN TOPS is proud to support the launch of this exciting new line with the unveiling of our own fantastic designs that have been specifically tailored to fully support Fusion Mesh bodies. We’ve taken some of your favorites and re-engineered them so they are “Powered by Fusion.”

Camoflage purple

halter tops ADV Red

Liquid Blue

Primal adv Snow leopard

Sheer Naughty adv White

Slither adv Cobra

Street Illegal adv Black

Tattoo black


OSR! LabelBlueD20


You’ll find these designs at all our Mountain Tops locations.




Keep your eyes out on this blog for more exciting new releases “Powered by Fusion” coming soon to MOUNTAIN TOPS.


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