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Expandex Workout~Mountain Tops

Time to get fit! Get yourself in a great shape with MOUNTAIN TOPS’ newest release, Expandex Workout, in seven (7) shapely colors ~ Blue, Dark, Light, Pink, Purple, Red, and Yellow.

expandex ad Blue

expandex ad Light

expandex ad pink

expandex ad yellow

Each outfit includes a sporty top with high waisted pants and the Unified Applier that works with ALL MAJOR BREAST TYPES.

Priced at just L$75 these are too HOT to miss!  Need appliers for mesh bodies?  They are available by request. Contact ‘Laya’ Mao-Brightflame (eriniris.oldrich) in world.

Stop by and pick up yours today!

Miss Busty SL 2014 ~ Even better than the first time

* General Information

The Miss Busty SL Pageant was launched in 2013 to generate interest and good will in the entire Busty Community.  The Pageant is open to all Busty Avatars types. Entry in the pageant is Free. Winners in the 2013 Pageant were :

Miss Busty SL 2013 – Rayness (rayona)
1st Runner Up – Poneh (evilangel intermenos)
2nd Runner Up – Fleur Visage (fluercoco)

This year’s pageant will be conducted on Thursday, October 23, beginning at 6 pm SLT, in the mountain-side amphitheater located high above Mountain Tops Village and The Enchanted Forest.

Theme for this year’s pageant emphasizes the diversity of the SL Busty Community.  Contestants will initially enter in one of three broad categories. Questions about the appropriate category should be referred to the Pageant Director, Playful Howley.

Category One – Includes contestants with ‘natural looking’ breast implants, such as Lolas Tangos/Mirage/Delicq, vStrings Evos & Revos, Sinful Needs Venus, or other similar breast designs. It also includes those wearing Mesh Bodies with the ‘natural’ look.

Category Two – includes contestants with the ‘classic’ breast implants, such as eCorp, eBoobs, Icon Bra Busters, Lolas v2.5, Verge Superoverfilled, or other similar breast designs. This category includes all busty sizes from busty to mega busty.

Category Three – includes contestants with a diversity of busty looks, regardless of breast implants utilized. It includes Furry, Demoness, Drow, Doll, Petite, Giantess, or any diverse busty look.

* Judging/Pageant Format

Judges will select four semi-finalists from each of the three groups. Those selected will compete in the pageant competition.

The 12 Semi-Finalists will be announced during the Sunday Formal Dance at Brightflame Hollow on Sunday, September 28, 2014 (dance is from 5 – 7 pm SLT).

During the period October 1 – 20, 2014, the Semi-Finalists will make appearances at various venues and will have meetings with the judges. This will be an opportunity for both the Judges and the Busty Community to meet the Semi-Finalists.

Dress Rehearsal for the Pageant will be Tuesday, October 21, 2014, beginning at 6 pm SLT. Participation in the Dress Rehearsal is mandatory for all Semi-Finalists.

The Pageant will commence promptly at 6 pm SLT on Thursday, October 23, 2014.

All Semi-Finalists will be judged in two categories. The first will be an open style review. Each Semi-Finalist will pick her own signature look and will walk the runway for review by the Judges. They will then change into swim wear of their choice and again walk the runway for review.

The judges will pick five Finalists who will be judged in one final category, Evening Wear. Once that is complete, Judges will select the winners.

* Application

All applicants should complete the application note card and return it to the Pageant Director, Playful Howley, not later than Midnight (SLT), September 15, 2014. Two photographs are required to be submitted with the application as described on the application note card.

Application note cards are available at Mountain Tops Village, Brightflame Hollow, and a number of other in-world locations.

* Requirements

All contestants must be at least 30 days old in SL and above 18 years of age in real life. No Child Avatars will be permitted to enter the contest. If selected as a Semi-Finalist the contestant must be available to participate in all designated Pageant related activities. Semi-Finalists must also have appropriate outfits for all of the judging categories. Semi-Finalists should have one available SL group position so they may be added to the Pageant Group.

* Pageant Staff

Producers – Brace Mao-Brightflame, Chalcedony Mao-Brightflame, ‘Laya’ Mao-Brightflame
Director – Playful Howley

Heart Lingerie Body Stocking~Mountain Tops

Time to get sexy with MOUNTAIN TOPS‘ newest release, a sheer Heart Lingerie Body Stocking, in four (4) BerryTastic flavors ~ Cherry, Cream, Plum, and Strawberry.

Hearts cherry ad

Hearts cream ad

Each outfit comes with top, arm length gloves, and stockings and includes the Unified Applier that works with ALL MAJOR BREAST TYPES.

Priced at just L$75 these are too HOT to miss!

Stop by and get yours today!

Tie-Dye Tees~Mountain Tops

Feeling your groove? Express yourself with MOUNTAIN TOPS‘ newest release, Tie-Dye Tees, in five (5) mind expanding designs ~ Burst, Nebulous, Radiant, Slash, and Twist ~ or go for the Full Pack with all five.

Each shirt includes the Unified Applier that works with ALL MAJOR BREAST TYPES. Priced at just L$30 these are too HOT to miss!

Can’t decide? Get the Full Pack for just L$100.

Celebrating the Icon Bra Busters update at Brightflame Hollow

After an amazing amount of hard work, Icon Allen has finished the newest version of her Bra Busters mesh-boobs.

Icon Bra Busters v10 bag

The update gives applier support for eCorp and Lolas (both 2.5 and Tangos), materials options for advanced lighting, a tinting and adjusting HUD, new speed control options for resizing, and an easy to use system for future script updates among other things.

This is a big update for some of the most distinctive boobs around, so we think it calls for a big party.

On Saturday, August 2nd, from 4-6pm SLT, Brightflame Hollow will be hosting a special release party for the Bra Busters update. In addition to the great tunes and curvacious dancers, Icon herself will be here. And there may even be some prizes just for showing up. See ya there!