The Enchanted Forest Grand Opening Celebration Hunt~May 5 – 10

Pack your knapsack, pull out your walking shoes, grab up your charts and compass, and get ready for THE ENCHANTED FOREST Grand Opening Celebration HUNT, Monday, May 5th through Saturday, May 10th.

Part of the week long celebration of the Grand Opening of this beautiful landscape, full of secrets and surprises for the BUSTY, for the EXPLORER, for the ADVENTUROUS, this HUNT will feature gifts from major merchants including Designs by Shalenda, ModaMia, Mountain Tops, and Vixen Wear. Items will be hidden throughout THE ENCHANTED FOREST and MOUNTAIN TOPS VILLAGE.

Your search will take you over snow covered pathways that wind through scenic vistas. Perhaps the quaint little chapel hidden in the woods will hold a rewarding secret. Or maybe that mysterious manor house will yield up a reward. Then again, that shadow filled mine entrance seems to beckon with its own allure of adventure and reward. Further still there is the crumbling ruin of an older chapel which could easily hold something worth finding.

As always, there are many levels to THE ENCHANTED FOREST and all is not necessarily what it seems. THE ENCHANTED FOREST is best enjoyed with RLV engaged and an appropriate RLV Relay. Busty friendly effects are also present for supported breast models.

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