Grand Opening Celebration ~ The Enchanted Forest ~ May 5 – 10, 2014

We have great news here at Mountain Tops. The Enchanted Forest is finally open. To celebrate this milestone, we’re scheduling a week long celebration, May 5 – 10, 2014. Plans include a Hunt, a themed dance at Brightflame Hollow, and special events throughout the week all designed to introduce The Enchanted Forest to YOU.

The Enchanted Forest is mystical, magical place that is designed to be a playground for the entire BUSTY community. Located adjacent to the Mountain Tops Village shopping area, The Forest unfolds right across the bridge from the Village’s Biergarten. The snow covered pathways wind through scenic vistas. They pass a quaint little chapel hidden in the woods. They fork off to a mysterious manor nestled behind the trees. Another fork leads to a shadow filled mine entrance that looks as if it has long since been abandoned. Or has it? After all, there is a warm comfy cabin there where someone who has an interest in the mines seems to live. Further along there is the crumbling ruin of an older church. There are many levels to The Forest and all is not always what it seems. The Forest is best enjoyed with RLV engaged and an appropriate RLV Relay. Busty friendly effects are also present for supported breast models.

Check back for more details.

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