Breast Review: Lavarock Industries Lava Rocker Lava Knockers

L$750 on marketplace, no inworld location at this time of writing

Anyone who wants to be busty is spoiled for choice these days. There’s easily over a dozen different brands to choose from, many of those coming in more than one style. So a set of breasts needs something special to stand out from the pack. A gimmick if you will, especially if they’re not made to follow the now ubiquitous design of the Lolas Tangos.

Damascus Lavarock has found such a gimmick.

Posing with Lava Knockers

At first glance the lengthily named Lavarock Industries Lava Rocker Lava Knockers come across as suitable for one of the more “ambitious” silicone porn-stars. The boobs overall and the areolae in particular are generously sized while still respecting the concept of gravity. Nice in an old-school sort of way, I thought to myself. But then they started moving.

Sure, other breasts have a bounce option, but I’ve never found it convincing. They just rattle about in one inflexible piece, like a bit of armour plating with a loose strap and an odd paint job. But the Lava Knockers look fluid. They squoosh at the apex and stretch on the downswing. Whatever scripting magic is used to accomplish this, the Lava Knockers are the only boobs out there using it.

It doesn’t stop there, either. You can set the jiggling to fit different poses; standing upright, leaning forward, reclining back or standing on your head (if you’re into that sort of thing). There’s even an option for animated milking, where one breast is pulled out, then the other, then both together before repeating.

There is a minor technical limitation to this, however. You may have noticed in the video clip a few moments like this…


There’s no fault in the design or scripting to cause this. It’s just a fact of Second Life that when things are resized or moved the different parts won’t always sync up perfectly. Fortunately there is a simple and effective way to deal with this glitch. Go topless.

Isn’t that much better?

Naturally, there are certain trade-offs made to accomplish this smooth motion. There are only six parts altogether to the Lava Knockers. You don’t get piercings or chains or other jewellery. There’s only one layer for clothing. The breasts themselves are sculpted in two separate, gloriously Tangos-incompatible pieces so as to avoid making collarbones wobble like gelatin. These design choices are all perfectly understandable. Others are… um… not.

First off, let’s say you’re fitting the Lava Knockers on for the first time. There’s a selection of skins available to choose from the menu, so you do the old pick-a-close-colour-and-tint-it-down two step. Except when you try tinting it down you do not have one of those rainbow squares on a HUD to make the job easy. Instead you are given a dialogue box demanding the red/green/blue numbers of the shade to apply. If you didn’t get the colour right on the first go then repeat the process until you come to your senses and use the viewer’s edit function because it’s so much faster and easier.

Skin Lineup

And you had better get used to seeing the Lava Knockers in edit mode. If you want to adjust the size there is no menu or HUD option for that. Looking at the scripts you can see that resizing choices are at least planned. But while the groundwork has been laid for this common function, it’s not anywhere near ready.

Those are just minor quibbles, though. It’s when we get to dressing up the Lava Knockers that one can fully appreciate their “user friendliness.”

The shirt layer of the Lava Knockers is shaped similarly to the shirt layers of many other breasts such as eBoobs, vStrings, Mused and even the classic Lolas. Tops for those other breasts work well here with the usual fine-tuning. Or they would if the Knockers actually listened to any other appliers. Apart from the one outfit included and appliers to four others from Lavarock, you need to bring your own textures. Getting those textures onto the Knockers means you use either edit or the quirkily different Lava Knocker applier.


The busty designers out there will find the Knockers applier doesn’t fit their “workflow.” They’ll rez the applier, start editing it just like any other to get at the scripts so they can plug in the UUID and other numbers for the texture, then immediately wonder why the scripts are set to no-modify. After a quick read of the instructions the designer will do it the right way. They’ll put the texture directly on the applier using edit. The good bit is the applier is shaped the same as the shirt layer, so it provides a preview right there on the final appearance. When satisfied the designer leaves edit and clicks on the applier to make the scripts finalize all the information. They’ll know it’s done when the applier helpfully turns invisible.

Yes… invisible.

Maybe this is all part of some well-intentioned texture security scheme. But the “bad guys” can still get a texture off any object in viewing range, even when that item is set to 100% transparent. The only thing this invisibility trick does is make it a little more annoying to find and pick up the finished Lava Knockers applier. And there’s another speed bump for the more clever designers, the ones who make a single applier that works for many different brands of breasts. The Lava Knockers are carefully scripted to reject any application attempts that are not from the official, untampered Knockers applier. When an applier does not match the right name and the right permissions, never mind the right communication channels, nothing happens. If only the Knockers could listen to the appliers for other breasts, this wouldn’t be a problem at all. Perhaps we can hope for an update…

Ultimately, that’s what the Lava Knockers need. An update. Or rather, a completion. What we’re given is a good shape, some good skins and a great gimmick, but everything else to them feels unfinished. If you don’t mind using edit to make the Knockers look exactly the way you want then get ’em and enjoy jiggling with every step you take. But if ease of use and wardrobe selection are your prime concerns, then you’ll want something more mainstream than these specialty boobs.

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