LayaTex Gets More Awesome

LayaTex gets more awesome with the introduction of the two latest entries in Mountain Tops Elementals Series of sexy latex designed especially for the BUSTY.  Frozen crackles with excitement and Electro-cute is a total charge. These new designs each include a latex body suit in multiple layers with gloves, stockings, and and matching ankle boots. The fits ALL major PRIM BREASTS and look great on non-busty as well. The best part is the price, only L$225 each.

In addition, Mountain Tops introduces two more sexy colors in our basic series of LayaTex ~ Gray and Magenta.  Each comes with a multilayer cat-suit for both long and short sleeve, gloves, stockings, and a mesh mini-panel for skirt. Priced at only L$200 for each color.

Stop by Mountain Tops and grab yours NOW!

New designs will soon follow that are sure to excite your senses. Keep an eye out on this blog for all the details.

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