Welcome to Mountain Tops Blog

We at Mountain Tops wanted to take a moment to personally welcome you to our new Mountain Tops Blog. We’ll be utilizing this blog to keep you posted on all exciting things that are happening at Mountain Tops. If you’re new to Mountain Tops, check us out under About Us. We’re a Bavarian-themed Second Life destination catering to the entire Second Life busty community.   Mountain Tops Village is located in an alpine setting at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Busi/107/96/24.

At Mountain Tops we’re all about Fashion, Fun, and Boobs.   At our Flagship Store, Mountain Tops, we offer a full line of “Fashion For Your Dreams.”  Our clothing lines support all the major prim breasts currently found in Second Life.  All our designs, however, can be worn by non-busty as well.  Watch this blog for the latest news on some of the exciting new lines we will be launching shortly.

Mountain Tops Village also hosts a full line of other fabulous designers who also provide fashion and fun.  The Biergarten located in the Village is a place where you and your friends can gather to enjoy our special brand of bier, play classic and breast enhanced games, or just relax and enjoy the mountain air.

The fun continues at Brightflame Hollow.  This BUSTY themed dance and music CLUB located high above Mountain Tops Village at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Busi/101/42/3502.  Follow this blog for a full listing of events.  “Discover The Secrets” at Brightflame Hollow.

We invite you to join us soon…for fun, fashion, and boobs.

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